Sebago Shoes Chattanooga TN

Sebago Mens Shoes ChattanoogaThe importance and reverence of craft has always been with us. It was the foundation stone when the brand was conceived and our guiding star that led us to create some of the world’s most iconic footwear styles.

With craft comes curiosity, which has been the driving force of our continual evolution through a myriad of silhouettes, colors, and materials as we meet the needs our consumers today. We are forever exploring the new and applying it to the wealth of knowledge we have built for decades.

Established in 1946, Sebago was born from a consumer demand for quality, casual footwear. An owner of five independent shoe stores in Maine was determined to keep his stores stocked. So, in the true spirit of New England ingenuity he partnered with two local businessmen and created a handsewn footwear factory.

The original shoe they made, the Sebago Classic beefroll penny loafer, is made the same way today as it was back then…handsewn with the finest craftsmanship.