Sbicca made in USA sandals Chattanooga tn

Sbicca | Made in USA

The Sbicca family moved to California after the 2nd World War, bringing their family footwear brand with them. In the 1970’s they patented the lightweight , flexible bottoms that make Sbicca as easy on your feet as they are on your eyes.
Sbicca reinvents California’s rich cultural heritage using modern techniques. Their wedges, wovens and sandals are inspired by retro style and made for your comfort.
Sbicca is based in Southern California and the Sbicca of California Brand captures the essence of the California lifestyle. This uniquely hand-crafted footwear is made in our factory in Los Angeles using the finest materials. This 92 year old brand has a proven successful track record of producing high quality footwear that is proudly MADE IN THE USA!
The Sbicca Brand was originally founded by the Sbicca family in their home in Philadelphia. The family began producing footwear in the USA in 1920 and moved their thriving business to California. In the 1970’s, Sbicca revolutionized the shoe business when they began producing their “Molded Unit Bottoms” out of polyurethane.