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Samuel Hubbard shoes are designed around function, first and foremost.

We begin with defining how our shoes will be used. In the case of our Start-Up collection, we set out to make an ‘everyday shoe’ for people with an active lifestyle. These shoes are for going to work and getting around town comfortably. They needed to be a great walking shoe, as distinct from a sneaker that could be used for walking. They needed to be lightweight to provide comfort when sitting and when walking. We wanted this collection to be sturdily built and easily re-soled, so that the shoes would have a long life.


Comfort engineering is at the heart of how we design and build Samuel Hubbard shoes. We begin by taking the time to develop perfect fitting lasts. In the case of this first new collection, it took us nearly one year of trials and corrections and more trials. Unlike many other shoe companies that rush new looks to market every six months, we give ourselves the time to refine every aspect of our shoes so that we will make them as comfortable as possible. In this pursuit, we are uncompromising in our choice of materials and constructions. Designing our Start-Up collection took over 15 months before we began the initial manufacturing. Being just “good enough” is not good enough for us. If there is a better method, if there are better materials, that is what we choose. We produce all of the prototypes in our own sizes so that we can test our development work personally from the very first pair.

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Having established this foundation for a new shoe, we then move to the consideration of style and the fashion of the collection. We bring this part of the design work in only when we are satisfied that the foundation is as good as we can make it. We love beautiful soft, aniline-dyed leathers and the best possible leather linings to give Samuel Hubbard shoes their rich, natural appeal. Because the comfort and walking characteristics of each model are so important to us, these elements are expressed in each style we make. It is not surprising that when people see our shoes for the first time they often say that the shoes ‘look very comfortable’. Our shoe lasts are designed around the shape of people’s feet and you will not find pointed toes or high heels in our designs. We know that we cannot achieve our own high standards of comfort and walking function with those style elements.

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We believe in the idea that form follows function and this is what is expressed in our designs. Our family tradition over the last 85 years has been to make the most comfortable shoes that people can buy. With the new Samuel Hubbard Start-Up collection we are continuing in that tradition. We invite you to try a pair yourself. We want Samuel Hubbard to be the pair of shoes in your closet that you reach for when you know you are going to be walking and standing a great deal. If these aren’t the most comfortable shoes you have ever worn, we want to hear from you. Share with us whatever ideas you have and you can be certain that we will be listening. We try to learn something new every time we begin a new design and, with your help, we look forward to continuing in our family tradition of making the finest possible shoes.

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