Gentle Souls

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Gentle Souls by Kenneth Cole has created a natural way to combine fashion, comfort and care for your feet. This revolutionary patent-pending technology uses the finest natural materials for organic comfort in their shoes and sandals.

Deerskin lining- Gentle Souls´ shoes uses supple and breathable deerskin-lined insoles providing softness and comfort while conforming to the shape of your foot. It is durable and will not stretch or crack when wet. Deerskin is normally found ongloves, jackets or shoe uppers.

Padding- Under the deerskin lining there is a memory foam developed by NASA; Poron®. This foam does not break down and maintains its shape over time. Granulated Cork- This layer located under the Poron® helps with shock absorption when walking on hard surfaces. Rubberized Outsole- Sometimes fused with leather, rubberized outsoles are flexible and great for traction on hard surfaces.