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For nearly 150 years, Frye’s core product line has been manufactured by skilled employees at factories in the United States. With our steadfast commitment to quality and painstaking attention to detail, it takes more than 190 steps to make one pair Frye boots, and a similar set of processes to make our shoes and accessories.

We use the highest quality leathers, all tanned with natural oils, which distinguish our products. We have developed demanding standards for our materials and craftsmanship, and our experienced team of shoemakers and designers work diligently to ensure these standards are met in all the places we make our products.

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Frye was founded in 1863 and is the oldest continuously operating footwear brand in America. We are one of only a very few shoe
companies who still continue to make products here in America. Frye is rooted in American history, having been worn by pioneers and cowboys in the late 1800s, American soldiers at war, and as part of the celebration of life and music in recent times.Frye Boots Chattanooga TN

We are sometimes asked why we only make some of our products in America, while we make many products in other countries. We source leather from the finest tanneries all over the world. Likewise, we carefully select manufacturing facilities globally, based on their specific strengths and handcraft abilities.

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For many brands, these sourcing decisions are determined primarily by cost. However, in the case of Frye, while we certainly do value cost in manufacturing, we are even more driven by the type of hand work, construction and craftsmanship that is the special strength of each of our factories and the ability and willingness of each factory to constantly improve and to develop new and enduring products.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the manufacturing of Frye products. We are proud of our stewardship of Frye’s wonderful heritage.