Fortress of Inca

fair trade handmade shoes peru chattanooga tnWe believe that the people who make our shoes are just as important as the people who buy them. We work with several workshops and factories in Peru. We audit and investigate every factory that makes shoes with us and we ask them questions. Lots of questions. Most of these questions involve the workers. Most important questions on our list are these:
1. Are the workers being paid a fair living wage?
2. Are the workers being paid social security insurance?
3. Are the workers given adequate time off and are the working conditions safe?
Why are these questions important to us? Well, there are several reasons, but mainly cause we sleep better at night knowing that the people we are working with to create shoes, boots and accessories are not being taken advantage of. It is our promise to them and our promise to you, the consumer, that every step in the process of making the product you buy has been ethically considered.
We take steps each day to inspire others to do good.
Little by little, one walks far…

fair trade shoes chattanooga