Bos and Co

Bos and Co Waterproof boots chattanoogaBos and Co (“Bosco”) has been family owned and operated since 1976. The family takes great pride in their commitment to developing quality and comfortable footwear that anyone would be delighted to wear.  With features like: soles made from thermo-rubber, remaining flexible in cold temperatures, insole insulate adding warmth and extra comfort, leathers tanned with silicone, repelling water, you are bound to love them!  And oh so fashionable!

All “Bosco” boots are waterproof using Aquastop, a breathable waterproof membrane. The upper has high-quality water-wicking properties. With Bosco, you will have dry, warm feet, as well as anti-bacterial protection .

Made in Portugal.

Bos and Co. waterproof | The waterproof membrane allows air to circulate but not water to pass through. Boots go through rigorous testing: dynamic resistance to water penetration for the full boot…it involves the boot being immersed in water 2 cm above the welt line of the sole, the boot is then flexed mechanically for 120 minutes and checked for water penetration.

Linings are 100% merino wool. This lining is excellent for wicking moisture away from the foot and insulating it against cold temperatures.

Cold comfort ratings are performed in sub-zero temperatures and the cold insulation is measured by the loss of temperature on the interior insole of the boots over a specific period of time.