baske handmade leather sandals chattanooga

Creating a lived in vintage vibe with the spirit of wanderlust.
Rustic deluxe boots and sandals inspired by the California deserts and dunes.
Authentic craftsmanship finished with love and soul.


BASKE is a true marriage of passion and design. Founded by husband and wife team Dave and Nana, in Venice, California, BASKE represents a return to craftsmanship, a commitment to the journey and ultimate promise of quality. At BASKE, character is built in each step from design to finish, and its soul present in every stitch.
BASKE loves the warm desert sun, the pursuit of endless weekends, new experiences and the road trip to get there. BASKE lives in the moment, carves its own path and empowers the independent dreamer. BASKE is the shared spirit and relaxed elegance of beautiful style.