Antelope sandals Chattanooga TNFounded in 1981 in Tel Aviv, the strategy guiding this line from day one was strict selection of raw materials to ensure the pinnacle of quality and comfort. To start, this company made sure to use only the finest and softest pieces of leather hand cut with precise craftsmanship for the uppers, insoles and linings in addition to creating their own accessories for the shoes and sandals, from authentically fabricated straps and buckles to gleaming ornaments and decorations. By personally molding a line of unique heels and platforms, light and durable designs were achieved, ones that were anatomically shaped for a woman’s foot and provided better support.
Producing 2 annual collections abundant in creativity and diverse in styles, they manage to meet the needs of a wide variety of clientele. The unique designs are achieved by their team of in house designers that tour the globe gathering inspiration to create exquisite cuts and patterns of the latest trends.